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Pull Rod mounts at side or rear for pulling, pushing, or ramming.



Dual Axis Pull Pliers with Hammer Head

An essential tool for the die-maker, maintenance craftsman, and auto body, or auto repair shop mechanic.

Ideal for the pulling, pushing or ramming of dowel pins, threaded inserts, and pipes.

The Pull Rod automatically swings to align with the jaw opening (or part size) for a straight pull, without side swaying.

Mount the Pull Rod at the rear of the swing handle for in line pulling, or in the M10 mounting hole for side pulling.

Remove the Pull Rod to use the Pliers as a separate tool.

  1. The pull rod swings to align with the jaw, when working with a wide range of workpiece thicknesses.
  2. Mount the pull rod in the M10 hole for side pulling.
  3. For pulling, use the pull rod. For pushing, use the hammer head.
Part No. Opening OAL Weight
PPD100 1.5"
(40 mm)
(715 mm)
1.7 LBS
(3.75 kg)

V-Groove on top jaw.


Brazed Jaw
for durability


· Unique crank handle for fast, easy jaw opening and pressure adjustment.· Crank up, or lessen the torque by inserting a screwdriver.

· Hanging hole for pegboard storage.


Quick release trigger.


Non-Slip grip marks on top and bottom jaws for positive gripping.


Secure Adjustment Bar minimizes bar pop-outs.Minimal handle spread, even at the maximum opening, make these Pliers easier to grasp, lock, and release.


Swing Handle provides automatic pull rod alignment.</>


Swing Handle provides automatic pull rod alignment.</>