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New Strong Grip® Pliers feature a crank handle so you can open and close the Plier jaws, and adjust the torque FAST. Easily unlock the Pliers with the smooth, easy-reach release lever. The unique “lift up” release lever can be unlocked, effortlessly, with one finger. Get a good, tight hold on the Pliers with the non-slip grip on the top and bottom handles. The Strong Grip®Pliers are made with brazed jaws for durability. Use the unique C-Jaw Hammer Head model for tapping and nudging applications, an especially helpful feature when working in tight spaces!

The Strong Grip® Pliers line includes these models: C-Jaw Pliers w/ Hammer Head, C-Jaw Pliers, Economy Pipe Pliers, U-Prong Pliers, Sheet Metal Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, and Dual Axis Push / Pull Pliers.

We’ll show you how easy it is to set, tighten, and adjust Strong Grip Plier jaws using the unique crank handle. Use the quick-release trigger to easily unlock the Pliers with one hand!