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for U-Clamps

Slip-on top and bottom clamp jaws to protect wood, metal, or synthetic work surfaces.

Each package contains 2 sets

Part No. Description Weight
XBP2 For UB model clamps 0.04 LB
(0.02 kg)
XDP2 For UD model clamps 0.05 LB
(0.02 kg)
XEP2 For UE model clamps 0.06 LB
(0.03 kg)
XFP2 For UF model clamps 0.07 LB
(0.03 kg)
XGP2 For UG model clamps 0.08 LB
(0.04 kg)

for Shark Clamps


Slip-on Rubber Pads.

Each package contains 2 sets (4 pieces).

for Adjustable Reach / Long Reach Pliers

Each package contains 2 sets.