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Time saving magnetic tools for use in the shop & in the field.


Light duty & tight spot holding! Build, Hold, and Position Steel.

  • Hold and position round, flat, and square parts in light duty substructure applications!
  • Each V-Pad contains 4 rare-earth magnets.

Please check “Accessories” for individual magnetic v-pad info.

Hold Tabs

Used as round part rests.

Hold tabs for tack-welding.

Hold odd-shapes in position.

Part No. Max. Pull Force Description Weight
(8 kg)
2 Regular V-Pads (XDV4)
2 Large V-Pads (XFV4)
0.9 LB
(0.4 kg)

* Magnetic force is based on the longest side of Magnet with 3/8″ thick steel.