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Hold and position steel plates at any angle in fixturing, welding, inspection and repair applications.


Large Magnetic V-Pad Kit

- XPV820

Four rare earth magnets in each pad provide secure gripping power for rapid and convenient holding and positioning.

Pads pivot to hold onto round, square or flat metal surfaces.

Adjustable V-Pad Magnet

- XPV830

Large, removable comfort handle for control in placing, positioning and removing the clamp.

The adjustable magnetic V-Pad is easy to remove. Pull back firmly on the handle to break the magnetic force.

2 Optional Rubber Pad included.

Base Magnetic Plate

- XPV827

Optional back plate comes with two magnets. Plate locks onto bottom of V-Pad and is secured by a screw to make the large magnetic V-pad even more versatile.

Part No. Description Dimension Max. Pull Force Weight
XPV820 Large Magnetic V-Pad, Twin Pack 5 x 2.5"
(127 x 64 mm)
58 LBS
(26 kg)
2.14 LBS
(1 kg)
XPV830 Large Magnetic V-Pad with Handle 7 x 5 x 2.5"
(178 x 127 x 64 mm)
58 LBS
(26 kg)
1.30 LBS
(0.6 kg)
XPV827 Base Magnetic Plate 4.3 x 1.4 x 0.12"
(109 x 36 x 3 mm)
-- 0.20 LB
(0.1 kg)
XPVR80 Replacement adhesive backed rubber pad, 10pc. pack -- -- --

* Magnetic force is based on the longest side of Magnet with 3/8″ thick steel.

Securely hold round or square stock at oblique angles.

Quickly and conveniently set-up and hold bar, round, and plate stock in position before tack welding.