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Part No. For U-Clamps Series
XER UE Series
XFR UF Series
XGR UG Series
XMR2 UM Series (Equipped with Heavy Duty Pad)
XMRP2 UM Series (Equipped with Standard Pad)
XPR UP Series

Individual Clamp Arms and Spindles



Part No. Description
XMT Spindle for UM Series
XPT Spindle for UP Series
XMAR55-W Clamp Arm for UM Series
XPAR Clamp Arm for UP Series

Spring Stop Replacement Kit

Part No. Description
XLK For UE, UF, UG & UM series clamps.

Spring Stop Replacement Kit

Spring - 4 per set ( PXS11 / PXS6)

Adjustment Bolt ( PXB11 / PXB6)

Part No. For Pliers
PXS11 11" Pliers
PXS6 6" and 8-1/2" Pliers
PXB11 11" Pliers
PXB6 6" and 8-1/2" Pliers